Business Partners

To meet the expectations our customers have of our services as top quality, we form close working relationships - many of them long-term - with our business partners.

Our business partners come from all sectors, a wide range of countries and include companies of all sizes. Students United's business partners play a crucial role in the delivery of high quality services which is fit for the needs of our customers. We are committed to working with our business partners to achieve high standards and to provide greater transparency on how we work together. Their contribution is often largely invisible, but their importance cannot be understated. It is for this reason that we develop open working relationships with all our partners, so that there is a mutual understanding about our working styles and corporate cultures, and indeed, so that problems can be easily resolved where they arise.

Local Community

Making a worthwhile contribution to the community is critical to our aspiration to be a great British company. We run several community projects to put time and money back into the community.

Government and Regulatory Bodies

We work closely with all levels of Government and many other bodies to fulfil our duty for the public. These include professional bodies, Universities, Local Councils, user groups and other regulators.

At Students United we actively help, advise and support a range of public sector bodies, providing an invaluable range of marketing services.



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